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Colorado Springs family to attend presidential inauguration

Colorado Springs family to attend...

COLORADO SPRINGS - It's two days out from the inauguration and people from across the country and the world are focusing on Washington DC, and one southern Colorado restaurant owner is making the trip.

Robert Brunet, also known as "Chef BB" from Mama Pearl's Cajun Kitchen in Colorado Springs is taking his family to the presidential inauguration.

The family left on Wednesday and are headed to Senator Cory Gardner’s Office in DC to pick up their tickets.

Chef BB’s 17-year-old son got the chance to travel for the historic event. He says it's more than a day to miss school.

“I think it will be a great civics lesson for him to see our government in action and how the peaceful transition of power takes place every four years in this country,” explained Brunet.

The tickets were a Christmas gift from Chef BB's wife.

Knowing they are very limited to attend the inauguration, the family says they're very grateful to have the opportunity to attend.                 

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