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Colorado Springs gun store owner says Texas gunman passed 2 background checks

COLORADO SPRINGS - The Colorado Springs gun store owner who sold two weapons to the man who gunned down 26 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas says Devin Kelley passed two background checks. 

Jeff Lepp is the owner of Specialty Sports and Supply, and he got a call from the ATF on Sunday night informing him that he had sold two of the weapons found in Kelley's possession the day of the shooting, according to KDVR

The sale happened in 2014 while Kelley was living with his wife at an RV park in Colorado Springs. 

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KDVR spoke with Lepp, and he said his first thought was if his employees had made a mistake. 

“You worry, did someone leave a blank? Did someone forget to sign something? He was not a guy who bought a lot of stuff from us. He didn’t stand out in any way. No remembered him and we asked about him right away,” said Lepp.

According to authorities, the weapons Kelley bought in Colorado Springs were not used in the deadly shooting. 

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