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Colorado Springs locals prepare for inauguration day

Colorado Springs locals prepare for...
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In less than three days from now, president-elect Donald Trump will become the nation's 45th commander in chief. 
Preparations are being made in Washington D.C., and across the nation for the inauguration, and for alternative protests and marches. 
Some Colorado Springs locals are packing their bags for the nation's capital. While some are headed to the mall for the inauguration of President-elect Trump, others are packing for the march the day after. 
"To just be a witness to history is going to be very exciting for us," Robert Brunet of Momma Pearl's Cajun Kitchen said.
Brunet his taking his son, Alex, to Washington D.C. to watch president-elect Trump, take the oath of office on Friday. 
"It's not about who's being sworn in," Brunet said. "It's about continuing the process of democracy in the United States and being a witness to that." 
Brunet was chosen by Sen. Cory Gardner to receive tickets to the inauguration. Brunet is taking his son with him to witness history. 
"As an unlikely candidate, it was cool to see an unlikely candidate win, and I really think this election, unlike any other election, took a toll on people and I think I just want to see it end," Alex Brunet said. 
But others, will be taking an alternate plan to the inauguration festivities, by marching locally at Acacia Park. 
"To display the voices in this country that want to speak up for the equity and equality among genders," Colorado Springs Feminists founder and board president, Catherine Grandorff said. 
The group is organizing for the day after the inauguration, to articulate their expectations for Trump's time in office. 
"To speak up and say we're expecting things from you, we want to make sure that you're a president for all the people," Grandorff said. 
Member Summer Westerbur will be in Washington D.C. for the Women's March on Washington, which started the local march at Acacia Park. 
"I think that the 2016 election was problematic and I felt like it was important for us to be there and to show solidarity with other women," Westerbur said. 
For Brunet, the opportunity is about Americans fully engaging.
"To participate with other Americans, whether they agree or dissent, it's all about what this country is," Brunet said. 

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