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Colorado Springs Mayor speaks against HB 1242

Colorado Springs Mayor speaks against...

COLORADO SPRINGS - It was supposed to be a compromise between both parties to fund transportation projects across Colorado.

But the Mayor of Colorado Springs told us on Wednesday he thinks House Bill 1242 is a bad deal for Colorado Springs.

The bill aims to increase a statewide sales tax to generate $700 million a year to pay for projects like the expansion of I-25 and local street improvements.

The problem, according to Mayor John Suthers, is that Colorado Springs already passed its own tax increase for street improvements.

“We've already stepped up to the plate and raised our sales tax .62 for 5 years to generate $50 million a year. With this bill, because they're asking for so much money, it would be another .62, which would take our sales tax almost to 8.87, which is too high frankly,” explained Mayor Suthers.

The Mayor says the same money could be generated for state projects with a much lower sales tax increase.

A number of republican state reps tried to pass a transportation bill that didn't require a sales tax increase at all but it was defeated by democrats.

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