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Colorado Springs planning to dedicate more funds to police services; hiring more officers

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- - Last week's voter approval of a new storm water fee for Colorado Springs means less money will come out of the city's general fund. That money can now be used to hire more police officers, and the city says that is the plan.

Right now, there's room for more than 680 police officers total at the Colorado Springs Police Department.

However, not all those spots are currently filled.

According to CSPD, the time for response to priority one (major crimes) is about 12 minutes and 12 seconds for police.

The city's goal is to bring that down to about 8 minutes.

The funds could help with that, but we are told it'll still take a while to see those results.

“It's not going to make changes overnight. I always caution everyone. This is going to take time. 10 to 20 officers coming within a year. It's going to take time until those folks are out on the street,” said Lt. Howard Black with the Colorado Springs Police.

We are told it takes about a year for new hires to hit the streets by themselves for full duty.

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