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Colorado Springs professor recalls encounter with Harvey Weinstein

COLORADO SPIRNGS, Colo. - Dr. Tomi-Ann Roberts, a psychology professor at Colorado College, is recalling a disturbing incident with former Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein which happened more than three decades ago.

She spoke to our news partners at 7News in Denver. Roberts says she was living in New York in the summer of 1984 in hopes of making it as an actress. Weinstein invited her to audition for an upcoming movie and invited her to his apartment.

Roberts says Weinstein was in the bathtub when she arrived and told her to take off her shirt because she would have to be comfortable in nude scenes

"I was very apologetic. It’s hard for me to look back and remember that, but I think it was at the time. I thought that I just wasn't cut out for this, that I was being sort of a chicken. I thought something was wrong with me," said Roberts, who said she left the apartment.

Read more of her story HERE.

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