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Colorado Springs state lawmaker requests investigation into city of Denver for immigration policies

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - State Representative Dave Williams (R) released a document on Sunday sent to President Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions asking for federal intervention concerning illegal immigration in the Denver area. 

In the letter, dated August 24th, Williams says "I officially request that your administration provide additional resources and assistance in combating illegal immigration and sanctuary city politicians who are attempting to pass policies that will attract more criminals to Colorado."

Williams is citing a proposed policy in the city of Denver called the "Public Safety Enforcement Priorities Act," which he is calling a sanctuary city ordnance.

Denver city council is expected to vote on the policy on Monday. 

Williams says the ordinance will further establish Denver as a city that "shields known criminals and other illegal aliens."

Williams goes on to ask for intervention from federal authorities. 

"I ask that you increase ICE raids and enforcements, lock federal funds to Denver, and that the Department of Justice investigate Denver officials for any violation of any applicable immigration, anti smuggling, or obstruction of justice laws," the letter reads. 

Rep. Williams also sent a letter to Mayor Michael Hancock, and on Sunday, Hancock's office released the following statement about the siutation:

"We are not going to engage in an obvious effort by Mr. Williams to create some headlines for himself. Should he care to educate himself on the ordinance and why it does not violate federal law, we are glad to refer him to Google search. With a little effort, he would clearly see Denver is taking positive actions to unite people and protect their rights, safety and contributions to our city."

Williams' district covers the east side of Colorado Springs. 

If you'd like to read the letter Williams sent to Trump/Sessions, click HERE.

If you'd like to read the letter Williams sent to Hancock, click HERE.



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