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Colorado State Patrol warns drivers, encourages safety during deer season

Colorado State Patrol warns drivers,...

COLORADO SPRINGS - It's a risk for all of us during this time of year: Wildlife is out in full force Southern Colorado, making for sometimes nasty accidents.

Caleb Hendrich knows all about this problem, as he's lived it first hand.

"It was a Sunday morning, I was driving up I-25 near County Line Road going about 75 mph," said Caleb Hendrich, Colorado Springs driver. "I looked over to my left and saw a big buck coming up the interstate -- it was coming up really really fast."

It was then, he said, he hit the deer and was in shock. The aftermath was also a tough pill to swallow.

"A couple thousand dollars worth of damage to my engine block, headlight missing, antifreeze, wiper fluid going all over the place."

Deer sightings aren't uncommon right now; deer breeding season means they are out on and near roads, especially during the early morning and evening hours.

Trooper Andrew Marceau has some tips for drivers as a result. As tempting as it may be to swerve, don't, and brake.

"Stay in your lane and do everything you can to avoid to swerve and hit the animal... You're going to cause yourself to roll or lose control or hit another vehicle that's around you," Marceau explained.

Also, wear your seatbelt. 60% of fatal animal crashes happen when the driver isn't wearing one.

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