Colorado Springs

Couple fleeing Florida: "It was absolute chaos"

Passengers redirected to Springs airport

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - As families scramble to catch the last flights out of Florida, many were redirected to Colorado Springs.

"We've spent the last three days trying to get a flight anywhere in the county that we could go to," said Krysta Escaieda. 

Meet Krysta and Marc

Krysta and her fiancee, Marc, were in Orlando for their honeymoon. But after hearing Irma was headed straight to the region -- they got out fast.

"We were really lucky to get this flight today," she said. "We hear the airport is closing tonight."

The two spent days waiting at Orlando's airport hoping they'd find a flight home.

"It was absolutely chaos, people were sitting and sleeping on the floor," she said. "I was throwing up in the security line."

It was a similar story for Lizza Mazza and Eddie Reyes. The Florida natives were also frantic and scared leaving their family behind.

"By the time it hits Orlando, it's probably going to be a Category 3 or a Category 2 storm," she said.

Mazza's family lives in Tampa. Everyone was evacuated and planning for the worst.

"We went out and got money from the ATM we got gas. We stockpiled on groceries and water that can last us a week," said Mazza.

But their biggest fear was the unpredictability of the storm.

"You never know with these hurricanes they can turn at the last minute."

Note: If you have loved ones traveling out of Florida.... make sure they check their flight. 
most out of the state are cancelled.

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