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Crowd expresses outrage at Sen. Cory Gardner's town hall in Colorado Springs

Crowd expresses outrage at Sen Cory...

COLORADO SPRINGS - It was a rowdy crowd at Senator Cory Gardner's town hall in Colorado Springs on Tuesday morning. 

The Senator held a question and answer forum at the Pikes Peak Community College. 

He addressed hot topics such as health care, the conflict with North Korea, and the controversial rally in Virginia over the weekend. 

When the discussion of health care was first raised, Sen. Gardner was met with boos from the majority of the crowd. 

Several people attacked Sen. Gardner, claiming he was taking away their Medicaid benefits and that they "want the same health care you (Sen. Cory Gardner) got." 

Gardner's response, "The goal is that we are making something work for more people."

Many of his constituents, like Geri Tierney, said they are unhappy he voted for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

"Healthcare should be a right," said Tierney. Although - others agreed with Gardner.

"It may seem free but you have to pay for it through taxes," said a Republican constituent who wished to remain anonymous.

Sen. Gardner also said he wants to put pressure on Kim Jong Un and redirect China's efforts so that it stops helping North Korea. 

"Our number one objective when it comes to North Korea is the peaceful de-nuclearization of the Kim Jong Un regime," he said. "And we're already seeing that - it was reported today that North Korea has backed off its threat on Guam."

The crowd silenced though when a young man took the mic with a simple question: "Are you confident Donald Trump is fit to lead our country?"

Gardner replied he does believe President Trump is fit, and the crowd wildly shouted boo.

Although it wasn't all shouting, many people took the mic to thank the senator for his response to Mr. Trump's comments about the attacks in Charlottesville.

"I had to come here and thank him for standing against Trump," said Sharon Eakins. "I saw a different Cory Gardner."

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Senator Gardner said he would continue to voice any opinions he has against President Trump's policies and that he will stand up against the hate that is present in our society. 

To watch the full town hall:

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