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CSPD: City of COS receives ruling on discrimination lawsuit

COLORADO SPRINGS - The Colorado Springs Police Department stated on Wednesday that the ruling in a 2-year discrimination lawsuit involving its Physical Abilities Testing was given to the city.

A spokesperson with the department sent the following statement: 

"In reference to the Physical Abilities Testing (PAT) lawsuit, the City has received the ruling, is reviewing it, and evaluating the City's options. Due to the fact this is still in litigation, we will be making no further statements on this matter."

This comes after 12 female police officers filed a complaint stating that they didn't pass the department's physical fitness test on the first try. Employees that don't pass are placed on light duty status.

According to the complaint, being placed on light duty was humiliating to the plaintiffs.

The following plaintiffs are listed in the suit:

  1. Officer Rebecca Arndt, 48
  2. Officer Nicole Baldwin, 46
  3. Lieutenant Catherine Buckley, 50
  4. Detective Stacey Clark, 40
  5. Detective Donya Davis, 49
  6. Officer Julie Garrett, 52
  7. Lieutenant Carolyn Graves, 46
  8. Detective Samantha Lembergs, 41
  9. Sergeant Jennifer Lewis, 43
  10. Officer Geraldine Pring, 50
  11. Lieutenant Magdalena Santos, 50
  12. Detective Terry Thrumston, 49

For more info on the lawsuit: Female officers allege age and sexual discrimination in lawsuit against CSPD

The Gazette reported on Wednesday that the judge did rule in favor of the 12 plaintiffs. 

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