Colorado Springs

CSPD/Secret Service investigating counterfeit $100 bills with Chinese stamp

COLORADO SPRINGS - With the help of the Secret Service, the Colorado Springs Police Department is investigating $100 counterfeit bills being passed to local businesses. 

CSPD first got wind of the bills during the week of July 12 when $100 bills (Serial #LB23104201U) were passed at several businesses downtown. 

On the front and back of the bills were several pink stamps of Chinese symbols.

The person who passed the bills told police that he/she was unaware that these bills were counterfeit, so no one was arrested.

Detectives from the Financial Crimes Unit searched the serial number listed on one of the counterfeit $100 bills and found that there had been previous reports similar to this one documented this year. 

The Secret Service was brought in to help. Agents have seen this exact problem happening in other states. 

Several U.S. Post Offices in Colorado Springs have also reported counterfeit older generation $100 bills containing the same pink Chinese Stamps passing through.

The Secret Service believes these counterfeit bills with pink Chinese symbols come from Japan and China and are sold as novelty notes on the internet.

If these bills ever cross your path, you are asked to contact police. 

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