Colorado Springs

DA: Officers justified in shooting of Shawn Oliver

COLORADO SPRINGS - The Colorado Springs officers who shot Shawn Michael Oliver on January 12, 2017, have been cleared of all wrongdoing. 

Just after 9 p.m., Officers Anthony D’Agostino and Christopher Dryman responded to an armed man in the 600 block of West Garden of the Gods Road. They tried to convince him to put his gun down, but Oliver responded by shooting at the officers. 

When D’Agostino and Dryman fired their weapons back at Oliver, they hit him twice. 

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After further investigation, the DA's Office announced on Wednesday that no criminal charges would be filed against the two officers and that their actions were justified. 

Last reported, Oliver has recovered and is being held in the El Paso County Jail. 

He faces charges of criminal attempt to commit first-degree murder, first-degree assault on a peace officer, and possession of a weapon by a previous offender.

Oliver is expected to make his next court appearance on July 5, 2017. 


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