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#MaketaTrial: Day 2 of jury selection, jury picked

Full recap of Maketa trial day 2

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - After nearly two days of questioning 90 people, a jury has been picked for the Terry Maketa trail.

It consists of 12 people and two alternates with an even number of men and women. 

Dozens of potential jurors were interviewed individually and asked if they can be fair and unbiased in the trial. They were even asked if media reports have influenced them about former El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa.

One man actually cried at the podium saying he thinks very highly of Maketa and that he voted for him as Sheriff. He stated that his feelings would get in the way of being a juror.

He was dismissed as well as 76 others.

During pre-trial motions on Wednesday, Judge Larry Schwartz dropped two of the nine charges against Maketa. Those are kidnapping and false imprisonment.

He remains charged with seven counts including extortion and witness tampering all stemming from his time in office.

Prosecutors asked to drop those charges last week because of lack of evidence.

Opening statements are scheduled for Thursday at 8:30 a.m. Each side has requested a half-hour. The prosecution will start on a list of dozens of witnesses.


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