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Deja vu: Colorado Springs homeowners face roof damage again

Deja vu: homeowners face roof damage...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Many homeowners are feeling a sense of deja vu this week, having just filed claims for roof damages after a massive hailstorm in July which roofers are still addressing.

Now they're going through the process again, for damage caused by the hurricane-force winds Colorado Springs was rocked with on Monday.

"I just knew something wasn't right," homeowner Kim Weiss said about the intense winds on Monday.

"They've just come flying off," Weiss said while flipping through a pile of shingles from her roof. "The wind is so strong, it's just breaking it."

The fallen shingles blew off her roof that's only about a month old. She had it put on after the damaging hailstorm in July.

"I just got everything fixed and boom, it's hit me again," Weiss said.

Nathan Medina, owner of Mountain Springs Roofing Company, estimates about 50 percent of the damage from the July hailstorm still needs to be fixed.

Now roofers face an even bigger backlog of work after Monday's windstorm.

"This was a lot bigger deal than we originally thought," Medina said.

Medina said that most industry standard shingles used on Colorado Springs homes are warrantied for winds at 80 MPH. Some parts of Colorado Springs faced winds of at least 100 MPH on Monday.

Now, Medina says he's having customers calling constantly asking about their warranty.

"We have to explain to them that this is another storm like a hailstorm, and it does warrant another insurance claim," Medina said.

He believes the intense windstorm won't be out of homeowner's minds anytime soon.

"We'll probably be working through this for the rest of the year at least," Medina said.

Weiss said she'll tackle the damage one day at a time.

"It's pretty heartbreaking and it just kind of hits you, and you're just like 'what do I do? Where do I begin'?" Weiss said.

Medina also said exposed portions of a roof should be covered with the properr material so it doesn't leak when the next storm hits.

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