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Dignicap: A cooling treatment that helps cancer patients keep their hair during chemotherapy

1st patient at UCHealth uses Dignicap

Dignicap at UCHealth

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - KRDO told you about a machine called the Dignicap: Scalp Cooling System that helps prevent hair loss for women undergoing chemotherapy. Now we're hearing from the first cancer patient using the treatment at UCHealth Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs.

KRDO News Channel 13's Cinthia Maldonado has her story.


This is the amount of hair Tiffany Daniels started losing since her first round of chemo.

"September, I had a routine mammogram. I went in to see the breast surgeon they determined I needed to go through chemo."

Tiffany says the thought of chemotherapy was daunting since she would go bald
. "That marks you for sick because people treat you different. You're sick and I know I don't ever wanted to be treated that way."

Nurse Anne Varevice helps Tiffany with the Dignicap treatment. She says it allows women to have one less worry during their battle with cancer.
"This is an opportunity for women to wake up in the morning and not be reminded I’m sick," says Anne.

Thursday morning Tiffany showed me how she prepares for her second round of chemo.

"First of all I have to get my hair wet and then you put on this rubber almost like the old swimming caps. It’s really thick rubber with coils that go through it. She will put that on my head and then you put this neon green cap over the top of that holds it down tight,” explains Tiffany.


The Dignicap machine cools the scalp to about 37 degrees Fahrenheit which can decrease the effect chemotherapy drugs have on hair follicles.

"It doesn't cause any damage because the temperature it well regulated," adds Anne.

Tiffany had her first round of chemo three weeks ago, "I’ve had very little hair loss. It's more shedding, it’s not clumps, it’s not big chunks of hair,” says Tiffany.


According to a clinical study, 36 percent of women lost 25% of their hair a 5% experienced no hair loss; thanks to the Dignicap.


Tiffany currently has two more rounds of chemotherapy left.  

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