Colorado Springs

Dine indoors with your dog at Pup Dog Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS - Colorado Springs continues to grow in its love for dogs. 

A new restaurant opened up at the end of April that will allow you to dine side-by-side with your pup. 

Pub Dog Colorado says it is the first restaurant in the state to allow its customers to eat indoors with their dogs. 

The restaurant/bar located at 2207 Bott Avenue holds two separate dining experiences. One is a large dining hall that seats 48 people without their dogs. The other is a place that seats 34 with their dogs. 

And you can't have a dog-friendly restaurant without a patio. That area can fit another 60 people. 

Inside, visitors will have to keep their dog leashed, but the Pub Dog Colorado also offers an off-leash area that you can use to let your dogs socialize. 

For more information on this new pub, visit the Pub Dog Colorado website

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