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Doherty High School hosts grief counseling for students

Doherty High School hosts grief counseling for students

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Classes resumed Monday for Doherty High School students after a shooting Friday forced students and staff to go on lockdown. 

A boy was shot across the street from the school.  That student victim, who has not yet been identified, is out of the hospital and recovering in stable condition at home.

The shooter has not yet been identified. Although Springs police said they have multiple leads.

Student reaction

Bryan Becar, a Doherty High Senior remembers first hearing the news.

"They didn't tell us right out what had happened, so it was a little frightening because we were think is the shooter in the school?!" he said.

Daniel Lockyard, another senior, also remembers getting texts from his friends who were outside when it happened.

"They were really quick to act,  getting everyone in really quick and safely," he said.

We know the victim shot was a senior at Doherty, but his name has not yet been released. 
Another student suffered minor injuries after hitting a tree while running away.  

"We don't know who the shooter is, it hasn't been confirmed to our school district," said Devra Ashby, public information officer for School District 11.

What's next

A letter was sent out Sunday night to all parents, alerting that a full staff of grief counselors and therapy dogs will be available to students.

Ashby said parents want to talk about the safety of off-campus lunches and the risks that it exposes.

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