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Donate a frozen turkey and help families in Southern Colorado celebrate Thanksgiving

Annual events feeds Southern CO families

Stuff the Bird event

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - While most families in Southern Colorado are preparing for a thanksgiving feast next week not everyone is so lucky. That's why Catholic Charities is hosting its fourth annual Stuff the Bird event. News Channel 13's Cinthia Maldonado tells us how you can help those in need.


"Here we go we got to make some noise." These volunteers are trying to get drivers' attention by using clever signs and silly costumes.

"It reminds them to bring their turkeys to us."

But their message is a serious one. Hungry families in Southern and Central Colorado can't afford food for thanksgiving.


"What we are trying to do today is fundraising turkeys for the Marian House," says Dawn- Marie Cormier. She has volunteered four years straight at the Stuff the Bird event.

Rochelle Schlorrt says food drives like this provide some much needed relief for families going through a rough time.
"Poverty shouldn't be something that keeps you from celebrating something as simple as a meal."

She also says donations can bring food to the table way beyond meal time. "You can have leftovers for many days and that's really important for people who are struggling with paying the bills and struggle with putting food on the table."

So today they hope their high spirits— will motivate the community to make a difference.


"They can drop off turkeys here at the Marian house, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. any day Monday through Saturday. They can drop off turkeys at care and share or at springs rescue mission."


This is the biggest turkey drop off in Colorado Springs. The Marian House is hoping to collect over one thousand turkeys.

"Our goal for the community is 5,000 turkeys and here at Catholic Charities we're trying to bring in 1,200 for our needs."

"That just helps us spread the holiday throughout the entire community."

Gift-cards and other thanksgiving-themed non-perishable foods are also accepted since these organizations are also filling up "family boxes"

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