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Double homicide suspect's stepmom speaks out

Double homicide suspect's stepmom speaks out

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A man is in custody for the double murder of his best friend and his best friend's mother.

Detectives say Elijah Colon shot and killed Christopher Pepper and Barbara Pepper early Saturday morning on Balboa Street. 

Colon is accused of first-degree murder for the pair's deaths. 

Over the weekend, Stacie Philips found out police were looking for her stepson in connection with the deaths of Christopher and Barbara. 

"You would never think that you would see a family member, let alone make the papers, make the news, and to have such a heinous crime which they're being accused of," Phillips said.

According to court documents, Colon was kicked out of college and moved to Colorado Springs. He was living with the Peppers for about a week before the shooting happened. 

Christopher's girlfriend was in the bedroom early Saturday morning when she heard a loud crash from the kitchen followed by gunshots. 

She told police Colon tried to keep her out of the kitchen where the victims' bodies were, but she eventually made it out and began performing CPR on Christopher. When she turned around Colon was gone and took Barbara's car.

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Colon was supposed to start work at the Sonic Drive-In.


His step-mom said he'll never have an opportunity like that again. 

"He's never going to be able to accomplish anything he needs in life because now his life has ended," Phillips said. 

Phillips was completely shocked her stepson would make this choice. 

"He's a good kid, polite, well mannered, very nice, so it's just really out of character that he would be this way," Phillips said. 

Her heart is breaking for the situation, and those who loved Christopher and Barbara Pepper. 

"My heart goes out to the families that are involved in this as well as my prayers for them as well. It's just hard," Phillips said. 

Christopher Pepper's girlfriend told KRDO NewsChannel 13 via message the pair was like family to her and they both welcomed her with love into their lives. She said "they were the most beautiful people" she had ever met. 


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