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El Paso Co. implements program to fight youth substance abuse

Communities That Care program in El...

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - Leaders in Fountain are partnering with El Paso County Public Health to help prevent youth substance abuse.

The city is the first in El Paso County to implement the 'Communities That Care' system.

It's a system designed to reduce alcohol and tobacco use and crime and violence among youth.

The system is a five-year process that looks at how programs already in place are impacting families in the community.

"But really it's implementing a system of looking at everything going in a community that impacts youth and finding the gaps. What's missing, what segment of youth are we not serving, what are we missing in this community that we can help fill those gaps with evidence-based programs," said Taryn Bailey with El Paso County Public Health.

Fountain leaders are working with Public Health to recruit members for the community board that will implement the Communities That Care system.

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