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El Paso County commissioners vote to ban car camping on county roads

Car camping ban

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - People who live in their cars or RVs will have to find another place to live if they park on county roads.

El Paso County commissioners voted to expand a camping ban to include car camping.

It comes after an increasing number of complaints were made to county commissioners and El Paso County Sheriff's deputies.

"People got around the camping ban by staying in their cars or RVs," Lt. Bill Huffor said.

But he said the car camping is causing safety concerns.

"It's a traffic hazard when their cars or RVs are parked on the shoulder of the road and first responders or emergency personnel have to drive around them," Lt. Huffor explained.

He also said it's negatively impacting nearby businesses.

"These parked cars and RVs create a gathering place for folks, for transients, to gather and that negatively impacts businesses and parks and the roadways, just because of the amount of people that gather," he said.

Chris Scott lives out of his RV on a county road. He was upset to find out he would have to move.

"I'm just trying to make it from the crib to the grave," he said. 

He doesn't want to stay in a shelter because he doesn't want to take up space from a family that needs it. And he doesn't want to live on the streets because he doesn't want to be near drugs. He believes the RV is his best option.

"I'm just doing my best to get by," he said.

Daniel Thibault also lives in his RV and said people frequently ask to stay with him.

"They get turned down because the shelter is full and they have nowhere to stay, so I let them stay because some of them are afraid they’re going to freeze," Thibault said.

The Sheriff's Office will be posting notices on cars or RVs violating the ban on county roads. Once the notice is posted, people have 48 hours to leave. If they don't leave or are a repeat offender, they could face a misdemeanor charge and have their vehicle impounded.

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