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El Paso Co. makes up 1/10 of state's pot sales

EPC sold $100M of pot in last 10 months
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Marijuana shops in El Paso County sold nearly $100 million of pot in the last ten months, in comparison to shops in Pueblo that sold a little under 30 million.
The Department of Revenue revealed the state received a billion dollars from marijuana sales in the last ten months. This total surpassing the entire sales received for 2014 and 2015. 
Top 6 Counties selling Medical Marijuana
1. Denver
2. El Paso County
3. Boulder
4. Jefferson
5. Arapahoe 
6. Larimer
Top 5 Counties selling Recreational Marijuana
1. Denver 
2. Arapahoe
3. Boulder
4. Larimer
5. Jefferson
*El Paso County medical sales: $80 million + $20 million (recreational) = $100 million
*Denver County recreational and medical sales = $408 million
Local marijuana market researchers said the spike in sales doesn't surprise them.
"The earning potential for marijuana right now is so high, there's no ceiling right now," said Matt Oesterle.
Osterle said the low age requirement to buy these products is a contributing factor to the rise in sales.
"For recreational you see patients from anywhere between 21 and 40, which is your main age group," he said. "And for medical you're going to see anyone between 20 and 60."
The sales boom is giving marijuana workers hope to see this multi-billion dollar industry thrive. 
"Seeing all the new stuff that came out in this industry everyday, it made me realize this industry is going to be pretty big," said Hailey Toyer, a local pot shop employee. "It's inspiring to know this industry will help a lot of people."
Editors Note: The Department of Revenue is required to follow a statute that states a certain number of retailers have to sell in a certain county for the data to be collected. In our reporting, El Paso County recreational marijuana data was not provided for that reason.


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