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Family, friends remember man shot in Colorado Springs Sunday

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Family and friends of a man found shot Sunday morning in Colorado Springs gathered to remember him. 

Family said 24-year-old Kenneth Hatcher Jr. was the one found shot in a parking lot near Austin Bluffs and Academy. He later died at the hospital. 

"He had his whole life ahead of him, he was doing good with his life," Kenneth's mom, Sandra Hatcher said. "I got the news that he had been shot. I went to the emergency room and he was gone." 

Dozens gathered in the very parking lot that Kenneth was found shot Monday night laying flowers and candles next to pictures of the person they called "Junior" Much is still unknown about his death. 

"That's the hardest thing. Why would somebody do this to him for no reason? We just want the person that did this off the street," Kenneth's uncle, Curtis McCollum said. 

"He had one daughter that was a year and a half. His only child. I"m really sorry for her and my husband and my family," Sandra said. 

While many remember the joyful person he was, they plead for justice for Junior.

"He was always very complimentary and he made people feel good about themselves and he was a very giving person," Kenneth's aunt, Brenda McCollum said. 

"My son was murdered, so that's not OK for me," Sandra said. "This is terrible, I just want this person brought to justice, I don't think no parent should have to go through any of this with their kids."

Colorado Springs police haven't released any more details or suspects in this death investigation, and have not yet ruled it a homicide. Anyone with information is asked to call Springs police or Crime Stoppers. 

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