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Family says man fondled himself at NE Colorado Springs playground

COLORADO SPRINGS - One family is urging parents in northeast Colorado Springs to keep a lookout after they say they saw a man expose and fondle himself at a city park.

Meadowridge Park near Rangewood and Research is surrounded by homes and not really visible from the street.

The family says the man rode up on a black bike, and just as quickly as he appeared, he was gone, leaving parents worried he may strike again.

Danielle Logan, her husband Adison Reed, and their kids were enjoying a picnic at the park on Friday afternoon when the man appeared. 

“He came around and started circling the basketball court, and he was really looking at me. So, I started watching him. And then, out of the bottom of the shorts, he pulled out his.... self out... and started playing with himself. He was gawking at me. I was like "excuse me, what are you doing here? I have kids here; you need to get out of here and leave",” said Logan.  

Logan says the man hopped back on his bike and quickly peddled away with Reed running after him.

“I started chasing him, but he ducked off into the neighborhood. So, I ran back, I got my car, and I circled my neighborhood but he was nowhere to be found,” said Reed. “As fast as he got away, I believe he lives somewhere in the neighborhood."

Now, the couple is sounding the alarm to all parents in the area. 

“That's what we need to do as a community is be alert and pay attention to these things that are happening at our parks because next time it could be one or two kids are going through and something could happen to them,” Reed added. 

It turns out, this isn't the first time neighbors have been flashed.

Tonia Smith lives near the park and says the Neighborhood Watch has heard of similar incidents that happened over the summer.

“I've heard of at least two other occasions of somebody in this area being exposed to a man who is flashing,” explained Smith.

Logan and Reed described the suspect as a white man in his mid-30s.He has an average build and dark brown hair. If you have information, contact Colorado Springs police at (719) 444-7000. 

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