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Father speaks after son dies following auto-pedestrian accident.

Cyprian Cisneros died of his injuries on Tuesday

Father speaks after son dies from...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - "My son was selfless," Mario Cisneros said of his son Cyprian. "My son was a pure heart." 

He was crossing Mitchell Road at Potter Drive when Cyprian was hit by a car. 

The accident happened on Feb. 1 while Cyprian was walking to Mitchell High School.

"If there was no cars at a stop walk and there was no cars at all, he would wait until it said to cross the street to go across the street," Cisneros said. 

Now Cisneros is trying to figure out what happened. 

"I'm going to fight with everything in my soul that my son gets justice for his life," Cisneros said. 

Currently there's a two-way stop at Maxwell Road and Potter, it stops the traffic northbound and southbound on Potter. Cisneros said a four-way stop is needed at the intersection. 

"There's too many blind spots even in the night it's real blinding coming around the corner," Cisneros said. 

Police said speed and alcohol wasn't a factor in the accident and no charges will be filed. 

But others in the neighborhood believe a four-way stop would help slow down traffic. 

"I have to gun it across Maxwell to not get hit by some of the people that are coming up that," neighbor Davai Gilliland said. "(I) shouldn't have to do that." 

But right now, Cisneros is heartbroken, and wants something to change before someone else is hurt.  

"I love you son, and I love you God and I know he's with you," Cisneros said. 


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