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First ever body camera footage released in CSPD officer-involved shooting

WATCH First ever body camera footage...

The first body camera video ever released from Colorado Springs Police Department shows officers chasing a suspect through the streets. 

It all started near Fillmore and Illinois Feb. 21. Officers were called to the area to contact Misael Cano who was wanted for attempted second-degree murder and first-degree assault. 

Body camera footage from CSPD captured the exchange between Sgt. Carlos Sandoval and Cano. Cano had gotten into his car and Sandoval gave him several commands to show his hands and get out of the car in both English and Spanish. Cano ignored the commands and drove off, crashing his vehicle near Templeton Gap and Fillmore. 

Cano fled on foot and police followed him to Elk Meadow View. 

WATCH: Full body camera footage released by CSPD

Officer Steven Pugsley's body camera captured his attempt to command Cano to stop. Pugsley spotted a gun in Cano's hand and commanded he drop the gun. Pugsley fired a single shot that missed Cano. 

Cano forced his way into a nearby person's home and took the keys to their car, a blue Kia van. 

Driving the van, Cano led police on a chase throughout the streets of Colorado Springs, ending at Circle and Palmer Park. Footage released from a nearby store captures the scene as Officer Jeffry Whittmore intervened with the stolen van and stopped the car. 

Cano pointed his gun at officers and fired. Officers Jake Skifstad, Dale Lucky, and Whittmore returned fire, shooting Cano multiple times. 

Skifstad is also seen in body camera footage performing CPR on Cano on the scene, but Cano was pronounced dead later at a local hospital. 

Following the investigation completed by El Paso County Sheriff's Office and 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office, Skifstad, Lucky, and Whittmore were justified in their actions of shooting and killing Cano, so no charges will be filed. 


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