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First "hemp" cafe now open in Colorado Springs

First "hemp" cafe now open...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The first "hemp" inspired cafe is now open in Colorado Springs at the corner of Wahsatch and Colorado Avenue.

"I turned the corner as soon as I saw the lights go on," said Cyndi Fulcher. "Oh my god I couldn't believe it's finally here."

The cafe is right below "Studio 64" a smoking lounge, where people are required to bring their own cannabis to smoke.

The food and beverage items on the menu are infused with CDB, also known as, Cannabidiol which is the part of the marijuana plant used for medicinal treatment.

There is everything from lattes to smothered burritos available for purchase. The CDB treatment is given upon request. 

"We know this is still early, but we think this is the future," said Ambur Racek, the cafe owner. "I'm really excited, we've put a lot of hard work into this."

Denver was the first city in the nation to allow marijuana use in bars under certain circumstances. But even since the proposition passed, these "clubs" or "cafes" have stirred up a controversial conversation. 

"It's caused a lot of talk throughout town if they should be allowed, but we really think we deserve to be here," she said.

Many customers agree saying it's necessary to offer these spaces.

"You can't smoke on property, you can't smoke in the parks, and if you're doing this for medication," said Fulcher. "Where can you go?"

But others are concerned it won't last due to all the recent controversy in the Colorado State Legislature.

"From what we've seen so far,  it's not going to stay around," said Koren Russell. "But if more people get out to see what the CBD is used for, it would be a plus."

Note: The cafe only allows smoking upstairs in the lounge and does not supply any cannabis for sale.

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