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First Police Officer Hired In Monument Honored With Street Name

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MONUMENT, Colo. - After more than 3 decades of service, the town of Monument is showing a former police officer how much they appreciate him, and his service.

Back in 1978, Kevin Swenson started working at the Monument Police Department.

He was the first officer ever hired by the town, sporting badge "Number 1" for about 34 years. He had to retire in 2011 due to health issues.

The town wanted to give him a special 'thank you', so from now on, when someone wants to get to Monument Lake, they be driving on the newly renamed street "Swenson Lane."

The spot carries special significance for the former officer. He says it was where he started his service to the public as a lifeguard for the lake. 

"The best years of my life were working here for the town of Monument," said Swenson. 

Swenson watched Monument grow from a few hundred people, to thousands over the years.

he says he was around for milestones like the department getting their first radar.

  city leaders say the road will be called Swenson Lane indefinitely. 

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