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First super-sized King Soopers in the Pikes Peak area

King Soopers Marketplace in Claremont Ranch

Supersized King Soopers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - King Soopers is grabbing attention for its new super-sized store in Colorado Springs. The grand opening was Wednesday for the store at Claremont Ranch near Constitution and Marksheffel.

Krdo NewsChannel 13's Cinthia Maldonado tells us what shoppers think about the new king-sized King Soopers.

It seems as if Christmas came early this year— a full parking lot and full carts.

The grocery store chain making its new marketplace, a one-stop-shop.

Trevor and Sherry Brater think this store is very convenient, "Ahh! I love that! Busy moms, sports schedules, one stop? It's a done for me."

King Soopers says the move isn't about rivaling the competition but to simply provide more merchandise under one roof.

"We're kind of evolving! Now, we have clothing, expanded toys, kitchenware, everything, the food even expanded," explains store manager Kevin Kelly.

An expansion leaving shoppers "Sooper" excited, "It was a nice surprise you know? To be able to shop for most your shopping in one place."

"Everybody should come out and check it out," says another local shopper.

300 carts weren't enough for the grand opening but that didn't stop people from completing their grocery list

"It's a little overwhelming 'cause it's so many people who are excited and they want to check it out but we'll have to come back when it comes down a little so I didn't shop as much as I wanted to."

"It’s a huge store with a lot of amenities but our only goal is to be the local market to the people in the neighborhood," reaffirms Kevin Kelly.

This is the tenth King Soopers Marketplace in the state— with a footprint of 124-thousand square feet filling aisles with plenty that a home might just need.

We’re told the new King Soopers Marketplace will employ 250 full time and part time employees.

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