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From Harvey to Irma: Colorado Springs crews continue hurricane relief

COLORADO SPRINGS - Hurricane Irma is expected to make landfall in the U.S. over the weekend just as some of the Gulf Coast was starting cleanup in the aftermath of Harvey. This means that crews with the Colorado Task Force 1 will not be returning to Colorado quite yet. 

The Colorado Springs Fire Department received word from CO-TF1 that they were being upgraded to a Type 1 US&R team and being sent to a staging location in Georgia in preparation for Hurricane Irma.

A Type I team consists of 80 members trained in a variety of specialties, to include: search & rescue, hazardous materials, medical, and logistics.

CSFD says that their firefighters that are helping with hurricane relief are in high spirits and that the Colorado Task Force has experienced a warm outpouring of support as the 13 vehicle convoy pulls through small towns of America on their way to Georgia. 

The convoy is expected to grow as on their way into Florida. 

The 13-vehicle convoy stopped in Russellville, Ark. on Thursday for some rest and recuperation.

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