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Getting ready for summer hail in Colorado Springs

WATCH: Getting ready for summer hail in Colorado Springs

As we head into the summer months, severe weather and the chance of hail will become more common.

For dozens of auto repair shops around the area, they’re still dealing with fixing some damaged cars from last years storms.

They say the best way to protect your car is to completely get it out of the hail. That can be done with a garage, a carport, or a parking garage.

Last year, you might remember some severe hail storms we had over the summer, resulting in millions of dollars in damage to cars.
Just this week, Denver saw similar problems, with a large hail storm. So far, we know that State Farm Insurance alone has taken more than 12,000 hail damage claims for cars in that area.

Repairs can be costly.

“This vehicle [we are working on] is about $10,000 worth of damage. It's got to have a roof replacement a hood replacement. A lot of replacement parts and stuff like that,” said Craig Porrett, owner of Color Zone Collision.

If hail is coming in and you can't find covered parking, there are other options.
There are different products specifically designed for hail protection, like a hail blanket. was founded by Mike Morris in Colorado Springs after his experiences with area hail.

The specially fitted and engineered blanket helps protect cars.

A product like that could cost you hundreds of dollars, but typically performs well.

You can go with a makeshift approach like heavy blankets or old mattresses, but auto repair shops say they have still seen damage in those instances.

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