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Girl Scouts spend with the day with USAFA cadets learning science

Girl Scouts spend with the day with USAFA cadets

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A local Girl Scout troop spent Saturday learning how to apply science lessons to real life scenarios. As an added bonus, they learned from cadets at the Air Force Academy.

"My favorite experiment is this," said Riley McNulty.

She's one of dozens of Girl Scouts learning firsthand the importance of science.

"All the bubbles coming up out of it when you put the dry ice in the water," she said.

Learning the effects of dry ice when you use a quarter or put it in warm water. They also learned how to build air cannons out of cups and work with the power of balance using textbooks stacked on paper.

"It really introduces them to the different sciences and the different ways that you can experiment learning," said Silvia Seraly, a cadet.

Its part of a program called STEM, known as science, technology, engineering and math.

The Girl Scouts learned relevant everyday things. They practiced testing the acidity of different elements in household products.

"Household items like fruits are more acidic and can help you get a stain out," Searly said.

For Riley and the rest of her troop, it gives them a chance to think outside the box.

"You get to see how excited they are to do the experiments and learn and so it really makes what I'm doing worthwhile and what we're doing here at the academy great to expand the stem outreach," Searly said.

They're all experiments that prepare these Girl Scouts for their future ahead.

"I like it a lot," Riley said.

Each girl received a new badge for participating.

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