Colorado Springs

Grandfather and granddaughter duo chase down car burglar

Car burglar found after chase down

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A local restaurant owner and his granddaughter chased down a car burglar until they caught the man red-handed.

It all started around 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, when Bill Borders, got a phone call.

"He was out in the parking lot and he said there was somebody trying to break into one of the vans," said Borders.

Borders, owner of Western Omelette on S. Walnut St., ran after the man.

The burglar, later identified as David Rader, saw Border and his granddaughter coming and ran away.

Borders said Rader got away with a few stolen items.

"My granddaughter and I got back in the car and we went down the alley here," said Border. "Then the police were called."

Meanwhile, a couple dining in the restaurant, saw the whole incident happen and identified Rader from a church they mutually attend.

The restaurant employees and customers worked as a team to locate Rader. 

"It's so nice to know we have that support here from our customers and the community." said Gaylen Suiter, Border's daughter.

In Borders 27 years owning Western Omelette, he's never seen this happen.

"This is our property and if they come in we're going to protect them."

CSPD says Rader is facing third-degree burglary charges.





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