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Guests staying at Colorado Springs hotel robbed at gunpoint

COLORADO SPRINGS - A group of people was arrested after robbing two guests at a hotel in Colorado Springs early Friday morning. 

A woman and her friend were staying at the Baymont Inn & Suites at 1055 Kelly Johnson Boulevard. They apparently went on an internet site known for criminal activity and arranged a meeting at the hotel, according to Colorado Springs police.

At around 12:12 a.m., one of the suspects expected to meet the victims let three others into the hotel through a back door. Once the four suspects got into the room, they hit the two victims over the head with a handgun and robbed them. The four then ran and stole one of the victims' vehicles.  

The woman told police that she knew one of the suspects because she had previously sold narcotics to him. 

A short time later, Colorado Springs patrol officers spotted the suspects using the victims' descriptions. 

Seth Sperbeck, 35, Matthew Kurvink 39, Miriam Kurvink, 39, and Kelia Madison, 34, were arrested and are facing a charge of armed robbery. 

When searching the suspects' home in the 1600 block of Edith Lane, investigators found three handguns, a shotgun, and methamphetamine. 

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