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Hackers impersonate Better Business Bureau in nationwide scam

Hackers impersonate Better Business...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Have you received a suspicious email recently claiming to be from the Better Business Bureau? Be sure to check the email carefully - the BBB warns a nationwide email phishing scam is circulating Southern Colorado.

What's a 'phishing email'?

Scammers create similar email accounts impersonating legitimate businesses as a way to get their victims to reveal personal or financial information.

How the scam works: Hackers are sending out emails with the 'BBB' logo including links that have malware attached. If the victim clicks on the link (s), malware is automatically downloaded on their computer with the intention to get specific information they can use to sell to other scammers.

Other cases include, getting the individual to send out their information if they believe it to be a credible company.

Meet Linda Harris

Harris is a hawk when it comes to spotting fraudulent emails - but last week she got one she didn't see coming.

"The email appeared to be from the Better Business Bureau and they demanded I respond within 24 hours," she said.

The scam is successful when victims click on links provided in the email that automatically download malware on their computer. 

"They're smart enough to word things so that people think that they're real," Harris said.

The email had the exact same logo as the BBB - complete with the name of the Executive Director. 

"It was so hard to tell, it looked so official," she said.

If you get any suspicious links in any email, be sure to double check where it's coming from by hovering your mouse over the link to make sure it's a credible source.

Jonathan Liebert, the Executive Director of the Better Business Bureau for Southern Colorado explains how scammers target a wide variety of legitimate businesses.

"They'll rotate the agencies that they're coming from, so this could come from some type of Federal Agency, Facebook, or even Microsoft."

Note: So bottom line - if anything seems off, whether it's a misspelling, poor grammar, or even if you just have a bad feeling re-read that email to be sure it's virus free. 

If you have a scam you'd like us to investigate... email


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