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Heightened safety concerns at COS coffee shop

Heightened safety concerns at COS...

COLORADO SPRINGS - A small business in Colorado Springs was one of the locations hit in a string of burglaries on Wednesday morning.

Babe’s Espresso, near Memorial Park, has become a known hot spot for crooks.

“Safety has become a big concern for us. Since we are an all girls business, and we want to make sure everyone is okay,” said Bianca Gallo, manager of Babes Espresso. “We have been trying to enhance security, but there's only so much we can do being a standalone shop and not having full fledged security here around the clock.

The manager added that the shop has been hit twice by recent break-ins, and during the week leading up to Christmas, their decorative lights were stolen. 

There have also been reports of burglaries at fellow businesses in the area.   


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