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Hickenlooper responds to letter from AG Sessions, which calls marijuana "dangerous"

Hickenlooper responds to Sessions letter

COLORADO SPRINGS - For months, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rallied against pot.

At a congressional hearing back in 2016, he made his concerns known: "This drug is dangerous. You cannot play with it, it's not funny. Good people don't smoke marijuana."

Now, the AG has written a letter to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper futher expressing how he feels it is problematic.

The letter states that there's been a 62% increase in marijuana-related traffic deaths since its legalization. He also cites a 20% increase in pot usage in teens.

Gov. John Hickenlooper doesn't disagree with some of those facts.

"I think we can work together," Hickenlooper explained. He does believe teens are at risk when it comes to smoking pot.

"Kids should not smoke pot. THC marijuana has a high percentage of taking a sliver of their long-term memory every single time they use it," said Hickenlooper.

However, not all Colorado leaders have agreed with the letter.

Senator Michael Merrifield says he would rather see Sessions not intervene with Colorado policies.

"Jeff Sessions needs to keep his reefer madness paranoia in Washington D.C. and let us handle a decision we've made," he said. "I think these numbers are exaggerated or pulled out of somebody's hat. I know initially they were saying the marijuana usage among youth had just exploded and that turned out to be untrue."

State leaders plan to spend $10 million on an education program for teens.

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