Colorado Springs

High Country Toy Run resumes

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - Hundreds of motorcycles took off for the High Country Toy Run for the first time in Fountain.

"A lot of those kids wouldn't get a toy for Christmas if it wasn't for the generosity of these motorcyclists," said Jim Wear, the High Country Toy Run organizer.

The run didn't happen last year and hundreds of kids were left without Christmas presents.
"We weren't able to fill some of those gaps and unfortunately last year we had to turn away about 800 kids between the ages of 10 and 14 that we just didn't have the toys to give them," said Russ Miller, the Toys For Tots organizer.

So Fountain police took the initiative and brought the run there.
"We raised our hand and stepped up to the plate. We started making the arrangements for it like January of last year," said Sgt. Clint Kramer, from the Fountain Police Department.  

Edie Utter, who has been doing the run for 20 years, says for her, it's all about the kids.
"I had a big Santa bag plus the trailer. I start collecting today for next year," Utter said.
Event organizers say this is the biggest crowd they've seen in a while and they hope that means a record number of toys donated.

"Colorado Springs has got a big heart and they always step up when there's a challenge or when things need to be done, they step up and get it done," Miller said.

Fountain police said everything went smoothly and they are happy to help the community after the future of the ride was unsure.

"You know it's that adrenaline that you feel, the goosebumps that you feel knowing that we're doing good things out there for our community," Kramer said.

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