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Homeless camp in Colorado Springs expected to evacuate Tuesday

Homeless camp in Colorado Springs...

COLORADO SPRINGS - A homeless camp sheltered under the MLK Bypass is expected to be evacuated Tuesday after authorities have received a series of complaints.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office has cited at least two violations for trespassing and littering. 

Anthony Davis, who has called this camp home for the past three months, said he understands why they have been asked to move out.

"Well we don't own it, so we're not supposed to be here," he said.

Davis said the litter is only getting worse, which is adding to the problem.  

"It doesn't look nice so we get a lot of calls on that," Davis explained.

Blue Riverio, who is also living at the camp, said he disagreed because the trespassing signs were confusing.

"We see the marked signs, but some of them weren't marked on certain areas. How are we supposed to know?"

When asked if more affordable housing choices would help, Riverio said it's hard to say. 

"Yes and no, you have a lot of people out here who are on drugs," he said. "While you have that, you'll always have a poverty level."

The Springs Rescue Mission will soon be providing housing for people who struggle with addiction, but Travis Williams even agrees there's "no easy solution."

"There is a gap in affordable housing right here in this community, so it can be a challenge getting people moved into something better," Williams said.

The spokesperson for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office told KRDO NewsChannel13 that because of a number of campers, evacuations will be done in waves. The following statement was released on Monday night: 

"Technically the deadline is Wednesday.  They have to do it in phases because there's two separate camps and it's too large to complete in one day."

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