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Homeless camps cleaned up by Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful

Homeless camps are clean up by Keep...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - They've been popping up all over Colorado Springs. Homeless camps are becoming a pretty common sight. But what happens once those camps are vacated?

Dee Cunningham, the executive director of "Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful", began week three on Tuesday of cleaning up the area next to I-25 south near the Cimarron exit, where a new sewer system is being put in for waste water. 

"There were quite a few people out camping," said Cunningham. "It's very dangerous with all the construction going on."

For 21 years, Cunningham has been helping keep Colorado beautiful. 

"We don't leave a trace of trash," she said. 

But this year, there's a significant difference. 

"There's quite a bit more, at least 50 percent more than I've ever seen."

The homeless community is usually relocated to shelters by the homeless outreach team, but those shelters are filling up fast. 

"We still have some space available for folks who really want to get out of the cold. We haven't hit our fullest point yet, but we are really close to that," said Travis Williams, Vice President of Advancement for the Springs Rescue Mission. 

If you want to volunteer with "Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful", you can head to their Facebook page.

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