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Hospitals seeing marijuana-related illness

Hospitals seeing marijuana related...
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The sale and use of recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado for three years, and medical marijuana has been legal even longer.
"Now we're seeing those who are smoking marijuana more heavily, and we're seeing that they have this cyclic vomiting and we're putting the two and two together and realizing that it's actually the marijuana use that's causing the nausea and vomiting," said Dr. David Steinbruner, an emergency room physician at Memorial Hospital.
Dr. Steinbruner said the emergency room has seen an increase in cases of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. It's believed to be caused by consuming large amounts of marijuana.
"We're still trying to understand exactly what the physiological cause of it is," Steinbruner said.
Dr. Steinbruner says like with anything, too much is never a good thing.
"The corollary would be alcohol, so small amounts may be fine for people but over a long time... It will cause all kinds of problems," Dr. Steinbruner said.
Trichome Health Connections is a dispensary in Colorado Springs and they've seen the opposite effect of marijuana usage: medical marijuana helping to improve lives.

"Young couple, just recently married, had a young boy but he has 60 seizures a day. Got them on some CBD has decreased his seizures from 60 a day to six a day," said Cami Hall, from Trichome.
The dispensary does not recommend ingesting large amounts of marijuana, but says that at prescribed doses, marijuana can help control illnesses.
"They are not cured by cannabis, but they certainly feel much better using this as a medicine as opposed to all the medicines that cause other side effects," Hall said.


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