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Kids recovering after accident, no arrest yet

Kids recovering after accident, no...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The child in critical condition from Thursday's accident on Pikes Peak Avenue and Chelton Road is improving, but is still listed in critical condition.

Colorado Springs police are still investigating and have not made an arrest or settled on charges for the driver yet.
In light of this accident., Children's Hospital wants drivers to be more aware on the road, especially in school zones.
Children's Safe Kids Coordinator, Laura Kent, says distractions on the part of drivers and pedestrians are leading to more accidents. She said childrens' development also contributes to the likelihood of accidents.

"Kids under the age of 10 don't have that peripheral vision, so they don't actually see, they just cross and they can't see that car coming and that's why we really want them to understand looking left, right, left is important," Kent said.

Kent did a study and says pedestrian accident rates increased in 2016. She also said a majority of the accidents happen in areas near the Knob Hill and Spring Creek neighborhoods.

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