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"Knowing she was scared, that's hard for me." Mothers of teen murder victims learn new details

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - For months, no one knew the details surrounding the deaths of 15-year-old Derek Greer and 16-year-old Natalie Partida. That included their own families.

ON March 12th, their bodies were found along Old Pueblo Road, south of Fountain. Their deaths were immediately ruled homicides, and the investigation was underway.

In the next few months after that, ten people were arrested in connection to the case. Five people were charged with first degree murder.

Last week, though, the courts decided to unseal the records for the ten people arrested as part of this case, under the strict guidelines that the families of the victims be allowed to know the details first.

For Natalie’s mother Tamara Partida, and Dere’s mother, Heather Ferguson, it was the chance to have the questions answered.

But the shocking details were also hard to hear.

In the arrest affidavits, it detailed how Natalie Partida begged for her life before they were taken to Old Pueblo Road.

"Knowing that she was scared on her way there... that was hard," said Tamara Partida.

It also went on to say the two teens were forced into “execution position” before being shot and killed.

“Every thought goes through your mind. I thought I'd played out the worst case scenario in my mind. I had not,” said Ferguson on the crimes being worst than she’d imagined.

“Anyone that would decide to do that to two young kids they're ruthless,” said Tamara Partida.

Gustavo Marquez, Diego Chacon, Marco Garcia-Bravo, Joseph Rodriguez, and Alexandra Romero are all facing first degree murder charges, and they are scheduled for their preliminary hearings in October.

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