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KRDO Chief Photographer recalls coverage of 9/11 attack

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Each anniversary of September 11th can be an especially difficult day for Steve Miller, the Chief Photographer at KRDO NewsChannel 13.

At the time, Miller worked for an NBC TV affiliate station in Hartford, Connecticut. Now 16 years after the tragic terror attack on the World Trade Center in New York, Miller remembers getting to work and immediately heading to "ground zero."

Miller was paired with a reporter and they arrived later that night. 

"I looked at the skyline and there was something missing," said Miller, referring to the missing towers that he was so familiar with. 

Miller grew up just outside of New York City, and his father worked inside the World Trade Center for several years. Miller's father was not at the twin towers when they were struck, but Miller says one of his good family friends was inside one of the towers, and died in the attack. 

"You know, it was horrible, but I guess you get into a zone and you start working and you're thinking about your camera and the tripod your lights working," said Miller. "Attack on my country, attack on my home state, and you try to put that aside."

For two weeks, Miller stayed in the area to cover several angles of the tragedy, finally returning to Connecticut at that time. Miller then went straight back to work, and doing what many journalists do after covering a tragedy: he moved on to the next story. 

"You know, you have to put this in the deep recesses of your mind and get back to the next day of performing your duties," said Miller. 

But even now, Miller still carries around a small video tape that he recorded his stories on when he was assigned to cover the tragedy. 

"I look at it every day. I don't know why. I keep it in the glove compartment in my car," said Miller. 

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