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Latest in string of convenience store robberies caught on camera

Robbery caught on camera

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Over the past few weeks police have seen reports of similar armed robberies at convenience stores in Colorado Springs. 

The blotter entries are similar: Three to four men enter a store with guns drawn and demand cash. Sometimes they take other items like tobacco products. The suspects wear masks and run away. 

Security cameras at the 7-Eleven on Carefree Circle caught such a scene early Tuesday morning. 

It's a situation David Love, a clerk at the 7-Eleven faced last summer. 

"I just popped my head up and I had a gun pointed at me," Love said. "He said, 'empty your registers, make it quick and don't make any moves.'" 

Love said the risk comes with the job. 

"You know it can happen when you sign up here. You hope it doesn't. Odds are it will," Love said. 

He said 7-Eleven tells its employees to do what the criminals say. 

"Ain't no point in arguing with him, just give him what he wants and get him out of here," Love said. 

Managers at other convenience store chains have warned store employees to be aware of the group. 

The store on Carefree Circle has been through three robberies in less than one year, and Love said more security besides just the cameras inside and outside the store, might help deter criminals. 

"It would be nice to have a security guard in here, but that's pretty expensive," Love said. 

John Harding stops by the 7-Eleven on Union Blvd. That store was almost robbed Tuesday night. A suspect came into the store gun drawn, and demanded cash, but ran away when a customer pulled into the parking lot.

"I think they should do something extra, maybe security, something like an extra security personnel on site," Harding said. 

It's a situation Love doesn't want to go through again. 

Police have not confirmed if the robberies are related or if there have been any arrests in these cases. 

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