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Fewer employers testing for marijuana

Less employers testing for marijuana

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A new survey says fewer employers in Colorado are testing for marijuana in pre-employment screenings.

The study by the Mountain State Employer Council, asked 609 companies across the state about their drug testing policies.

Only about 62 percent are doing pre-employment testing, that's down from 77 in 2014.
In Colorado Springs, five percent of the companies surveyed say they have omitted marijuana from all tests.
But this doesn't necessarily mean businesses are OK with their employees smoking marijuana. The Mountain State Employer Council says it's because of low employment.

In fact, the council speculates that some employers may resume testing if the jobless rate picks up.

The slight decrease in testing isn't making a difference at testing facilities.

"We do pre-employment, randoms, post accidents, we are a workman's comp facility as well. But with trends, a lot of things are staying the same ," said Tijae Stevens with Conspire! a drug screening company in Colorado Springs.

The group that conducted the survey says that Colorado's low unemployment rate is likely contributing to the slowdown in marijuana testing.


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