Colorado Springs

Local chef takes deal on Shark Tank

COLORADO SPRINGS - A local chef at the Springs Rescue Mission was given a great opportunity and ended up coming out with a win on Friday night.

Tyler Peoples pitched his invention, "The Scooping Bowl", to the Shark Tank on Friday and ended up accepting a deal with Lori Greiner.

The Scooping Bowl is a five-quart mixing bowl with a built in rubber console spatula. It's designed to get every last ingredient out of the bowl.

It also has a spacing piece to divide the bowl in half to use for chips and dip or as an egg separator.

Peoples thanks his friends and colleagues for pushing him to try out for the show.

"Showing people my product. Lots of people pushed me. You know this might be something for Shark Tank. It's a big product and a great way to get people to see it. After hundreds of people told me that, I thought maybe I’ll give it a try," said Peoples.

And this process wasn't cheap either. Peoples had to go through lawyer fees for the patent, engineering fees, and prototyping.

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