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Local couple turns fallen trees into art

Wind storm inspires tree art

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A local couple has made it their mission to turn fallen trees into wooden art sculptures. 

Monday's wind storm wreaked havoc for many residents in southern Colorado: tearing down trees, ripping off roofs, and even blowing down power lines. 

However, the mess left behind, wasn't enough to stop Kevin and Martha Henry from bringing out their artistic side.

Meet the Henry's

After living in the mountains for close to two decades, Kevin and Martha Henry learned a thing or two about windstorms.

"Winds are tough in this valley, because it's almost like a wind tunnel," said Kevin Henry.

Their biggest lesson came this past Christmas.

"My biggest worry is one of them falling over," said Henry. "It came about 2 o'clock on Christmas Day when one of the biggest fell over. At that point we decided to take these other two down so we wouldn't have to worry about them blowing away."

Taking the trees down wasn't an easy decision.

"The trees are actually a part of the legacy of this lodge," said Martha Henry. "So we're trying to protect the legacy."

The fallen trees were about 60 ft. high. Now, they're barely 3 ft., but that didn't stop the Henry's. In fact, the couple saw it as an opportunity to do something else. 

"I decided to have a carver come and make something out of them," Henry said. "So they're not just standing there."

That's when Sheldon Roberts got called in to craft his wooden masterpieces. 

"It's a real blessing," Roberts said. "I make people smile for a living."

The Henry's said they're grateful Monday's storm didn't turn out worse.

"I'm just glad another one didn't fall down."

Roberts said the project should be finished within two days.

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