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Local military train Broncos style

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - Stamina, grit, and some clever football strategy was put to the test Monday morning at the Broncos training camp in Englewood.

USAA and the Denver Broncos host the training camp every year as a way to honor our local military community.

There were 50 soldiers from the Army, Navy, Marine Corp., and the Colorado National Guard that participated from across the state.

They were all split up into ten teams that went through rigorous drill courses that tested various types of physical strength. Most of the drill courses are used by the NFL to evaluate talent.

"I mean it's tough man, but we train for this in and out," said Rodriquos Harris, an Army solider.

For Harris the best part was working alongside fellow soldiers from different branches.

"It was awesome getting to spend that time together," he said. "It really boosts our morale to keep going."

The soldiers competed in five different drill courses: the Pass and Catch, the Gauntlet, the 40-yard dash, Vertical Jump, and the L-Cone Drill.

For some it was tough.

"I wouldn't say it was a piece of cake, I mean they worked us, it was challenging," said Shkendra Hightower, an Army soldier.

But others said it was a good warm-up.

"I mean we do this every day for Physical Training, it's not that bad," said Nathon Samonte, an Army solider.

Former Broncos Running Back, Reggie Rivers said this event really means a great deal to him given his family background in the Air Force.

"These are all people that are hardworking, humble people," he said. "They all work so hard and are proud to support our nation, this is a great way for the Broncos to say thank you."

This is the fourth year USAA and the Broncos have hosted the event.

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